Make up and Hair Designer Red Miller began her career as Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon, going on to design Make up and Hair for short films, stills and music promos for internationally acclaimed artists such as ‘Culture Club’, ‘Elton John’, ‘Mika’ and ‘Roger Waters’ with directors including Nima Nourizadeh, Fredrik Bond, Dougal Wilson and Patrick Daughters.

In commercials and fashion shows Red has worked on award winning, high-end campaigns including ‘Waitrose Christmas’ for James Rouse, ‘Visa’ for Traktor, ‘British Heart Foundation’ for Saul Dibb and ‘Guinness’ for Ivan Bird and fashion shows for ‘Vivienne Westwood’ and ‘Alexander McQueen’. Working with high profile actors, Red’s extensive experience in both period and contemporary arenas includes highly specialised work with wigs / postiche and vast knowledge across the application of sfx for injuries, ageing, tattoos, concealment and blood work.

Red’s film & television credits include the highly praised feature music documentary ‘Roger Waters: The Wall’’ for director Sean Evans where Red created period Make up & Hair/SFX including 1960’s London / World War 1 & 2, working as Roger Water’s personal Make up & Hair artist. Amongst several projects, Red has gone on to design feature ‘Frank’ for Richard Heslop, ‘Dungeons and Dragons II’ for Gerry Lively and most recently ‘County Lines’ for Henry Blake for Altitude Films.